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A Packet of Seeds will be attached
to the inside of the card
I have a variety of different flower seed  packets -
the choice will be mine!
$1.00 per card
Purchase 10 cards and get 2 free.
(includes shipping)


Other poems that can be used with the Seed packets:


Sow some seeds of kindness
everywhere you go.
Water them with joy;
watch a friendship grow.
Pour out a little laughter;
there's nothing quite like cheer.
Feed with love and trust
and watch it grow each year.
Add a little sunshine
after a rainy day.
And then before you know it,
you have a friendship that shall stay.

The flowers God has given us
have a purpose all their own.
Their magical colors brighten up our lives
and their beauty brings smiles when they're shown.
Some bloom in the spring, some bloom in the fall,
some bloom in the mid-summer's heat,
but the most amazing thing of all
is each one has its own little treat.
The beauty of a flower opening
gives proof of God above.
For that is proof that miracles
exist on this land that we love.
Roses, carnations and daisies;
to mention just a few,
bring joy, peace and happiness
when they come into our view.
When you give someone flowers
it's an expression of care and love.
Because flowers are a gift from the heart;
created by God above.

The garden of friendship
is always in bloom;
whatever the season or day.
With flowers to cheer us
through sunshine and rain;
lovely blooms to brighten our way.
Flowers of hope and encouragement,
understanding, compassion and care.
Blooms that grow sweeter, as time passes by,
in the beautiful memories we share.
And no matter how far we may wander away,
no matter how long we`re apart,
we`ll still know the joys
of the flowers that grow
in the garden that blooms in our heart.