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Creative Cards By Julie

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I received my cards today.
Your cards are so beautiful.
Thank You
What beautiful work.
I will be purchasing more cards soon
and I will be passing your web site to
everyone I know.
Take Care.
I received your beautiful cards today.
I LOVE them.
I am very impressed with your quick and
personlized service. You packaged the
cards so nicely. We've been having snow
and freezing rain here, yet the cards arrived
in perfect condition. You did a wonderful
job on them. Thank you so much.
I can't wait to start using them.

Julie thank you so much for your order.
the cards are most lovely..... I was so happy
to get them and to fine them so large......
Sure will make alot of my letters just a bit more special.......
God bless you and pray that this all goes so very
well for you
Love and hugs

I got your packages today ! WOW... 
I want you to know that the quality is so wonderful.
You do very high quality work.
LOVE the peel and stick envelopes.... they are super!!!

Oh My Gosh ... how fast was that !!! 
I can hardly wait though ... I love your cards !!! 
You have just replaced Current !!! 
Take Care,
Hugs, Carol
Julie, Thank you so much for designing
the Red Hat note cards - I love them
and so do all the other ladies who belong
to the Red Hat society in New Mexico.
You GO......girl. your heart out!
I received your personalized John Deere cards!
My husband LOVES them and wants MORE.
We've never seen John Deere cards and especially
personalized - you are a DEERE and we love you.
(The Brewers)
Julie, I received my personalized Avon note cards today.
I'm quite impressed and that's an understatement.
I love them - thank you so much!
I want 4 more packages!
Thank You
Thank you for designing the Longaberger basket
note's just what I wanted.
I'm sending this site to all my basket friends!
Hi Again Julie, and thank you so very much for the wonderful compliments that you expressed in your email. I also feel the same , that you are a very amazing woman that has a wonderful talent and I am thankful that you share it with us. ..
I think your idea of putting "Angel Linda" on the notecards sounds lovely to me. Now Please Julie, There is absolutely no rush for this order..whenever you get up and running again will be just fine with me. You take some time for yourself while your printer is in the shoppe...You put so many smiles on so many faces ....I know I speak for everyone that has purchased items from you when I say we have smiles on our faces from ear to ear for the personal touch that you put into all your work..Thank you!!
Julie, my husband is stationed in Iraq and I searched for 3 months to find the perfect patriotic Christmas card - when I found your site from a search engine, I knew my search was over - I am so pleased with the patriotic Christmas cards and the personalization - you have a special touch and I needed for you to know that. Thank you so VERY much and I hope you and your family have a very peaceful holiday season. 
Hi Julie,
Wow.... you are one speedy card creator! Thanks for getting those in the mail so fast for me. I love promptness about a person, and you sure do fit the bill!
Hubby put the check in the mail (can't get over those *great* self-addressed envelopes, g/f ;o) so it should be arriving very soon! I live in the Boonies, though; so don't hold your breath. :o)
Thank you again for always putting the customer first and for having such high quality products that offer so much variety for your us! I always look forward to seeing the "new" cards each month.

Dear Julie~
Hope this finds you smiling~
I had to let you know that Sherry sent me the 'Butterfly Kisses' cards~address labels and 'fridge' magnet and I absolutely love them~
I have sent the cards to my family and some friends and they are just charmed by them~ they are so precious~
Your work is excellent~ You should be so proud of yourself~
I told Sherry what a wonderful 'new' idea this would be for gifts for friends and with Christmas coming~ your beautiful products are something everyone can use and smile when they do~
You're site is beautiful~ I haven't looked through all my choices yet but I do want you to know, I will be ordering from you~for myself and for gifts~
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful site and for all you do ~ I'm excited about giving many these adorable gifts that have been given to me~
You should be so proud~
Hugs to you~
Marcia (North Carolina)

Creative Cards By Julie